Wardrobe Interiors

Standard Range

The Standard Range contains the essential framework needed to hang and fold your clothes. Options can include both Single hanging and Double hanging rails for storing shirts, blouses and jackets and Tall hanging for ladies long dresses and a mixture of Shelves for storing folded items.

Standard Plus Range

Our Standard Plus Range contains all the elements of the Standard range plus a little bit extra. Included in this range as extra are Soft Close Drawers and Pull Out Shoe Drawers for storing those hidden items like underwear or indeed just hiding those folded jumpers from view. Also, who can’t get enough of Shoe storage. The Pull-Out Shoe Drawers are a great accessory for organising your shoes, boots and high heels into formal and everyday wear.

Deluxe Range

Our Deluxe Range is the “bells and whistles” of Wardrobe Interiors. It includes all the storage facilities of the Standard Plus Range plus optional extras such as Jewelry Drawer, Pull Down Rails, Trouser Rails, Chrome Wire Basket and Tie Rack. No matter how you wish to store your clothes, shoes, jewelry and cosmetics, the Deluxe range can be tailored to suit your storage preferences.

L-Shape Sliderobe

L-shaped wardrobes also known as a corner wardrobes can be the ideal solution for that small bedroom corner or other room. The sliding doors on our L-shaped corner wardrobes are done that the doors don’t get in the way of each other as they would with conventional doors.